Project Cargo

DG Intl’ Logistics Co. Ltd. specializes in the operation of oversized and overweight goods, as well as the logistics transportation of large-scale and complex projects. From the beginning to the end of the project, our project department can provide private services.

● disassembly, packaging and warehousing services

● transportation from the factory to the designated place

● operation of large goods, such as oversized and overweight goods.

● operation of various cargo types, such as chemicals, automobiles, etc.

When you are faced with scattered and complex logistics problems, our company can provide perfect and integrated project proposals and implementation plans. The specific services include these:

● integrated solutions / complete transportation and logistics solutions for various types of goods

● disassembly and packaging operations / transshipment operations / marine packaging and container packing / customs clearance and transport document services, including duty-free consultation

● in plant service / inland truck, rail and barge transportation / River and sea transportation system

● chartering / heavy shipment supervision

● transportation insurance agent

In addition to the above service contents, for complex logistics projects, the suggestions of our professional team will make the project management of point-to-point scheme more competitive:

● consulting / feasibility study on various transportation schemes (highway, railway, sea and air)

● complete logistics budget scheme / project process description and plan / Project timely report and customer evaluation mechanism

● supplier management and expediting procedures / support for the project from beginning to end