Domestic Airfreight

DG Intl’ Logistics Co. Ltd. provides high-quality overseas transportation and excellent domestic air transportation services. Whether you are transporting goods, animals, food or furniture, we are committed to providing you with clear and understandable prices and services for all air transportation needs.

DG Intl' makes use of air transport capacity, combined with land transportation, warehousing and other resource advantages, integrates global outlets and end distribution resources, and provides professional, safe and controllable cold chain transportation services for customers in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

The company is committed to building a standardized and standardized cold chain transportation network, providing high-quality and efficient cold chain transportation supply chain services and personalized services, and providing customized air cargo transportation solutions for you.

International Airfreight

International air transport logistics aims at timeliness and saving air transport costs. DG Intl’ Logistics Co. Ltd. maintains long-term close cooperation with major airlines to provide customers with fast and safe international air transportation services, and is familiar with the operation procedures of airports such as Shanghai airport, global air routes and market trends. It undertakes air import and export agent booking, import and export customs declaration, application for legal inspection, preparation of transport documents and acceptance of business claims, Organize and arrange services related to import delivery, domestic door-to-door pick-up of export goods, warehousing and destination agency.

The company provides air cargo services to most parts of the world. We are proud to be able to help everyone, from initial shippers to our mature aviation import and export customers.

From standard airport to airport services to comprehensive door-to-door solutions. Provide global aviation solutions to meet your needs to travel around the world at any time of day or night.

Multimodal Transport

DG Intl’ Logistics Co. Ltd. provides air transportation, sea transportation, multimodal transportation and other combined transportation modes. For large quantities and long-distance goods, joint transportation by road, railway, waterway and aviation can be organized, and door-to-door tracking transportation services can be implemented. Under the condition of ensuring safety and timeliness, reduce the logistics cost for customers as much as possible, and tailor a logistics scheme integrating warehousing and distribution for customers.

According to your intermodal needs, we take into account the relevant cargo types, time arrangements and cost conditions, and entrust professional air, sea and land carriers to customize an integrated global transportation scheme for customers with appropriate strategies.