E-commerce Business

Combined with the actual needs of customers and industry characteristics, DG Intl’ Logistics Co. Ltd. provides logistics solutions for e-commerce industry, covering the whole process services such as commodity warehousing, quality inspection, storage, sorting, packaging, distribution, assignment, delivery, return and exchange.

Cross border e-commerce business

Export business: domestic operation, providing e-commerce customers with pick-up, weighing, veneer, sorting, package collection, customs declaration and other services; Air transportation, providing direct or transfer flight transportation services; Overseas customs clearance and distribution, cooperate with local customs clearance and distribution companies to send packages to consumers.

Import business: Overseas customs declaration and delivery. After e-commerce goods are sent from overseas warehouses, customs declaration and delivery are completed through cooperation with overseas customs declaration and ground agents. For domestic customs clearance, the issuer mainly provides direct mail import customs clearance services.